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Pick Up A Tattoo Parlor

Although the décor will be different, a safe tattoo studio will look remarkably similar to a medical office. A well-run body art studio has a receiving area where clients check-in, wait for their appointment and get their procedure information and after-care instructions. Work areas are organized and clean. Nonabsorbent materials such as stainless steel and plastic cover procedure tables, chairs and counter tops. Each studio room has medical waste containers for used needles, gloves and other disposable supplies. In safe body art studios, artists have easy access to a sink, soap and water or to waterless handwashing solutions. In addition to washing their hands, body artists always wear gloves while working on clients. New Mexico now requires that body artists receive hepatitis B vaccinations to prevent getting and spreading this type of hepatitis infection. You can ask to see documentation of the artist’s completion of this vaccination series. Safe body art studios have an autoclave to sterilize reusable equipment, tools and other supplies. More than likely the autoclave will be in a separate room. Ask to see the autoclave and ask how they monitor sterilization effectiveness. You may ask the tattooist shows the license to practice and that studios undergo an annual inspection. When you visit a tattoo studio you should see these licenses posted in a conspicuous place. You can call your local Better Business Bureau and city or county health departments to get information concerning consumer complaints and health inspection violations

Tattoo parlor's checklists:

  • Is it clean and well lit?
  • Does it provide client privacy?
  • Are there receptacles for medical waste?
  • Do they have and use an autoclave to sterilize reusable tools, equipment and body jewelry?
  • Do artists have access to a sink or waterless handwashing supplies?
  • Do artists use gloves while working on clients?
  • Do artists have infection control training?
  • Do artist have CPR training and certification?
  • Can artists provide documentation of having hepatitis B vaccinations?
  • Do tattoo artists dispense inks in small disposable cups?
  • Do body artists use needles rather than piercing guns?
  • Do body artists use disposable needles?
  • Does the studio provide after-care information?

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